ECDL Certificatesa

ECDL is accepted outside the EU, and now is used in 148 countries around the world in 36 languages. In this context, our country along with efforts to join the EU defines ECDL as its "Strategy for the Development of the Information Society" and it was included in the legislation as a condition of employees in the civil service.

With over 15 million issued certificates, ECDL became one of the world's most widespread certification to work with PCs.

On 03.03.2014, Megasoft PLUS - Bitola became accredited test center for taking the ECDL tests in Macedonia..


ECDLstandard prescribes three levels of knowledge in working with personal computers .To acquire a certificate for certain level, it is necessary to pass the tests which determine the knowledge of the areas provided for each of them.

  • ECDL Start certificate is obtained by passing the tests for modules:
    - Computer essentials (MS Windows 7/10) ,
    - Internet essentials (MS Internet Explorer 9, and MS Outlook 2010/2013),
    - Word processing (MS Word 2010/2013) and
    - Spreadsheets (MS Excel 2010/2013).
  • ECDL Profile certificate can be obtained by passing the ECDL Start certificate and passing one or more standard ECDL modules. The following modules are available in Macedonian:
    - Presentation (MS PowerPoint 2010/2013)
    - Using Databases (MS Access 2010/2013)
    These modules are available in English:
    - IT Security,
    - Online Collaboration,
    - Image Editing and
    - Web Editing.
  • ECDL напреден Certificate is intended for users who want to improve their knowledge.
    NOTE: The former ECDL CORE certification (which is mentioned in the Acts of employees of state institutions) according to this division is appropriate to ECDL Profile certificate.