The education center which works as a part of ‘Megasoft Plus’ in the field of computer-aided learning in the following areas.

  • Learning the English language
  • Learning the German language
  • Computer studies
  • Mathematics

The lessons are based on inter-active use of the computer as the most apparent means which is an irreplaceable source of ideas and interesting contents which enrich education and make it interesting. This drastically increases the learner’s concentration of which the required knowledge and results are gained. The center works according to a program which the center has developed based on its long-term experience (from 1993) of the use of computers in teaching. It is a specific methodology which is adapted for all learners of all ages, and all levels of knowledge.

The activities of all sections interweave in the process of implementation of information systems in case when the user has the need of educating employees with the aim to successfully master the appropriate skills to use the new system.

Megasoft Plus offers education for: